Monthly Archives: February 2014

A service worth paying for

The kind of services we provide at are appreciated by many gamers as evidenced by our steady growth. However, the very same services are frowned upon by many others who just don’t get it. They think it’s cheating to buy in-game services or at best a waste of money. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The truth is that most online games are more work than play and a player that has a life outside of the game simply does not have time to grind his way to interesting gameplay. That is, unless he pays a company such as ours to help him out.

We believe that games should be fun. They should provide a healthful balance between the known and the unknown, relaxation and tension, friends and foes. They should not be about grinding. That’s what real life is for.

We have put together a little video presentation of our philosophy. Feel free to watch, comment and share.