Pay with Paysafecard, Bitcoin and Dineromail at RPGStash

You can finally pay with Paysafecard, Bitcoin and Dineromail here at RPGStash. If you are looking for a secure payment method with rock solid privacy protection, all three of these methods will do the trick.

Paysafecard is the worlds biggest prepaid card for online use. We accept Paysafecard from many countries worldwide including all of Europe. When you pay with Paysafecard your security and privacy are at a level of 100%. All you need to do is buy a paysafecard at a local outlet and then enter the pin code in our checkout. Please observe that we will charge a fee on top of the order amount to cover the payment processing fee. RPGStash will only receive the original order amount. The rest goes to the payment processor.

Bitcoin is an online currency without any form of central processing or control. It’s a cryptocurrency whose payment network is entirely run by the users. Bitcoins can be bought and sold at various online exchange sites and the value is entirely decided by supply and demand. You can pay us with Bitcoin without giving out any personal information. The order will be delivered as soon as payment has been confirmed. This typically takes less than 15 minutes.

Dineromail is a cash payment system local to South America. You place your order at RPGStash and receive an invoice. Then you go to a local Dineromail agent and pay the invoice with cash. We will receive the money instantly and your order will processed right away.

We have even more payment methods lined up and soon to be deployed to RPGStash is all about providing our customers with great options, both in term of product selection and payment methods. Enjoy.