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SMS & Phone Payment Issues Resolved

SMS & phone repairFirst of all we want to apologize to everyone who has paid via phone or SMS over the past 3 weeks. Some of you had to wait over an hour to get your RPGStash credits issued.

We are happy to inform you that the credit issue bug has been resolved and you will henceforth get your credits issued instantly. As compensation for the inconvenience, all affected customers will receive a $2 discount voucher within the next 24 hours.

Our website is brand new and some bugs are bound to rear their ugly heads, but rest assured that we patch up both website and customers as fast as we can and with all the tender love and care we can muster.

Kind regards,
The RPGStash Team

Festive Season Giveaway Winners

Although every day holds the promise of festivity, the official festive season of 2012 is over. A new year has begun and it’s time we announce the winners of 2012’s festive season giveaway. 270 hopeful gamers entered our sweepstakes on facebook, and 3 of them can now count themselves lucky for they have each won a prize worthy of envy. All 3 winners will be notified within a couple of hours. For the rest of you: better luck in our next sweepstakes scheduled for late January.

1st Prize: 100 Million Runescape Gold

100 Million Runescape GoldThe grand prize of 100 million Runescape Gold (or alternatively a $50 voucher) goes to an entrant who with great resolve beat the odds and ended up on top: Elizabeth ([email protected])

2nd Prize: Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3A glorious prize for any gamer worth his/her mouse and keyboard. A game that expands horizons by leveling the ground with explosives. Battlefield 3 has been shipped to a lucky entrant leaving a long trail of smoke and ashes behind: Asa ([email protected])

3rd Prize: Call of Juarez – The Cartel

Call of JuarezAnother prize, another game. The concept is still gunsmoke. Just different barrels and different gunmen. To ride fast, shoot straight and speak the truth, that’s what Call of Juarez calls for. An old device immortalized by the computer age and our lucky winner: Marlana ([email protected]).

Stay tuned for more news, promotions and sweepstakes. This is just the beginning of a great year in the making.