March Sweepstakes Winners

A whole bunch of gamers entered our sweepstakes this month hoping to lay their hands on our vouchers and Devil May Cry for PC. However, in the end there can be only three winners and in this blog post we announce them. All three winners were decided by chance as always.

1st place – 100 USD voucher

The lucky winner of our grand prize is a man named Tom ([email protected]). The big question is: what to buy with all that sweet cash?

2nd place – 50 USD voucher

The runner up is a fortunate lady by the name Kristina ([email protected]). Hopefully she is the kind of lady who knows what she wants.

3rd place – Devil May Cry (PC)

The Devil May Cry but the winner Julie ([email protected]) may laugh and sing and rejoice. And cry, of course, but only if it’s tears of joy.

Big congratulations! Enjoy the prices and keep an eye out for our next sweepstakes coming up next week. Anyone can win so don’t hesitate to enter.